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Former Sports Journalist released on police bail

By Shamim Natebwa. Former journalist turned Joseph Kabuleta was last evening released on police bond after spending four nights in jail following his arrest in connection to the abusive remarks he on his Facebook account. Kabuleta was arrested last Friday evening and charged with offensive communication and cyber harassment against the person of the president contrary to the computer misuse act. According to Police, Kabuleta repeatedly posted grossly offensive messages under ‘Joseph Kabuleta Weekly Rant Returns’. Section 25 of the Computer Misuse Act, 2011, criminalizes such acts of communication. Before his release, his Lawyers led by Daniel Walyemera had filed a Habe as corpus application before the high court to have their client released or presented before court alive or …

Susan Magara key suspect applies for bail

By Ruth Anderah. The High court in Kampala has set July 30th 2019 to hear an application filed by one of the Susan Magara key suspect Patrick Agaba alias Pato seeking his release on bail. Pato who was arrested and extradited from South Africa on charges of murder was however last month charged before Makindye chief magistrates court with the kidnap of another woman Joan Alupo. Prosecution states that on May 1st2013 Agaba with others  still at large while in Muyenga within Kampala,  kidnap Alupo and keep her for 2 days with an intent to procure a ransom of $ 400, 000 from her relatives in exchange for her freedom. Pato however did not plead to the charges which are …

Chameleon dismissed allegations to fight Bobi Wine

By Prossy kisakye. The national mobiliser of Democratic Party Joseph Mayanja aka Jose chameleon has dismissed allegations that he joined politics to fight the leader of people power pressure group Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Speaking to the media at the party’s headquarters in Kampala, Mayanja said that the ongoing rumors to fight Bobi Wine are baseless stressing that Bobi Wine is his childhood friend whom he cannot fight or feel jealousy of his achievements. He added that recently he held talks with Bobi Wine and agreed to work together in the transformation road map.

Barclays bank of Uganda appoints interim MD

By Ritah Kemigisa. Nazim Mahmood has been appointed as the Interim Managing Director for Barclays bank of Uganda. This follows the departure of Jha Rakesh who has been at helm of the bank for the last five years. The Bank’s Board Chairman Swithin Munyantwali has applauded Rakesh for working tirelessly to improve the value of the bank. It is during his tenure that the bank was at the forefront of introducing the latest banking technology and products for customers, most notably Cash Send and also boosting the bank’s internet banking platform. Commenting about his departure, Rakesh says it was a personal decision to leave as he is to pursue his own dream and start up a business of his own.

UCC defends computer misuse law

By Ritah Kemigisa. The Uganda communications commission has called upon people to be careful and avoid trumping on others rights as they express themselves on social media and other platforms This is after many have criticized the communications regulator of using bad laws like the misuse of computer Act, 2011 to deny people their freedom of speech expression. Many people have gotten into trouble with the law over accusations of insulting or annoying the President with the latest being Journalists turned politician Joseph Kabuleta. The commission’s public relations officer Ibrahim Bhosa says the act in its current form is not bad since it offers one a chance to apologize and retract their statements which are deemed offensive. Bhosa adds that …